How to Tell If a Psychic's Love Reading Is Real

Practically everyone today wants answers about their life, future, and what decisions to make. That means many people go to psychics or mediums to seek answers and, unfortunately, many of those people aren’t legitimate.

How do you know if a psychic is giving a real love reading or doing something else? Some so-called psychics read your body language to gauge if they are saying things that are meaningful to you. Others project their feelings and experiences into your reading and there are some who either intentionally or unintentionally make stuff up.

Yet, there are real psychics out there who can be helpful.

How can you tell one from the other? Here is a quick guide.

  • By Reputation

Real psychics have clients who swear by them. Before you make an appointment, check out reviews and even ask the psychic some questions as you would a doctor or lawyer you plan to hire.

How long have they been doing readings? What method do they use? Can they provide you with contact information for three clients willing to share their stories? All of this will build some trust and credibility with you.

  • Pay attention to their actions and words

Psychics will start describing things and people once they get into a love reading. Watch their mannerisms to tell if they are being sincere. They should be confident rather than slightly nervous. They should naturally flow with the information without staring into the air. Staring into the air means they are trying to think of something, which could indicate lying.

Some will start with general items and that’s fine but beware if there are no specifics. Anyone can issue general ideas or proclamations knowing that those can be interpreted in any number of ways. With a general reading, something in it will fit your life and those who truly trust the psychic will believe it to be legitimate when it’s not a true reading.

  • Watch if they start asking you questions

Some psychics are adept at techniques that get information out of you so they can give you a so-called reading that seems accurate. This is a type of con game that includes reading your body language, starting with a general reading, and then asking you questions to get more info out of you and judge if they are saying the correct things.

They may ask you if you met someone recently if you met them at work if they have brown hair and similar questions. They shouldn’t be asking questions but answering your questions.

  • Beware if they tell you their love history during the session

The focus should be on you and not them. Also, those who dwell on their past will likely project their emotions into your reading.

  • Watch for fearmongers

Perpetuating fear is a common technique among scammers. They will tell you that you must buy something or do something to bring about a positive change. This is a way to separate you from your money.

Some will stop short of telling you what to watch out for to make you buy another session or more minutes if you contact a psychic online or by phone. They know the fear in you makes you want to pay more to know. These are scams.

  • Pay attention to what resonates

You have a spirit within you that tells you what’s true and what isn’t. A true psychic will say things that resonate with you and lets you know it’s true. Those who aren’t real, who are doing cold body language readings, or projecting will strike a tone with you that it’s false.

When consulting a psychic, it’s important to be open but not naive. Look at what they say objectively and with discernment. Most psychics will give you some good advice on how to improve your life even without telling you exactly when you will meet the perfect match. Learn to separate good advice from the psychic reading so you always get a benefit without thinking it’s all from a spiritual source. Some of it is common sense.

The Take Away

You should understand two things about psychic readings. First, the events they could list to happen in your life may not occur right away. Sometimes, the truth comes over time. Roll with it and live your life with joy without always looking for the event. Events, like meeting the right person, tend to happen when you aren’t looking for them.

Second, realize that what a psychic says isn’t sealed in fate. We do have free will and are in control of our future. Some of what they say could be markers indicating you need to change your life for more happiness. Those who don’t like their reading should use their energy to make changes to reinvent their lives and mold them into the type of future they want.

Don’t shop psychics. Going to two to see if they say the same thing is like getting a second opinion but shopping psychics can end up confusing you and put you into a tailspin. Find one you can trust and stick with that one.