Growth and Change During Winter Solstice

While you are taking a break from projects to celebrate Christmas and New Years, you need to realize that the winter solstice is a great thing for your life. Celebrating family and taking time to rest your mind, body and spirit is a great thing to do and you can see that the winter solstice can help you with this.

Setting goals and making resolutions happens during this time while people start to wish that they will get things, but they sometimes forget that they need to take time to look at their growth and what they need in their inner being.

It is important to set your intentions to heal your heart and allow your energy to flow for the new beginning so that you can work on relationships and on the desires that you have so that you won’t be limited.

Nature and Life

Nature is something that has no end. Look at the things that are limiting nature. Can you reach the top of the sky or go as deep as the ground does? No. There is only unending nature. The universe gives nature to you so that you can understand how you can use it for your own energy center.

Look at your own energy and see what kind of healing that you need. Do you suffer from past trauma? Do you have things in your life that have caused you to be fearful? You can use guided meditation to learn to trust yourself more and to be able to let things go that are holding you back.

Using Winter Solstice to Let Go of Negativity

Take time during the winter solstice to let go of negativity and to ask your angels and your guides to help you and to build up trust. Even when it is dark outside, you can see that there is light inside of you and that energy can help to keep you safe. Learn to love yourself and put your own needs first and stop caring about what everyone else around you need.

  • Let Yourself Heal

You have to take time to heal. Things don’t always happen fast but if you go with the process then you will see that you can let go of the darkness and you can be free. Take time to quiet your mind and to see what is going on around you. Cut the cords that are connected to you that you have given others and let go of things that you no longer need.

As you use guided meditation and winter solstice meditation, you will be able to let go of old things and allow yourself to heal.

  • Guided Meditation

Find a place that you can be comfortable and that you won’t be distracted. Find the place and then sit down in a comfortable position. Let go of your thoughts and your emotions and just be who you are.

  • Begin to Meditate

As you calm down and clear your mind, notice your breathing and nothing else. Notice how you breathe in and out and how it allows you to relax. Let your energy that is negative leave your body, release things out like past trauma, bad emotions, and pain. Let these things move away from you as you deep breathe.

As you let things go, you can see that you are protected and that you can see that each part of your mind, body and soul is being filled with love and kindness. As the negativity leaves, you can let positive things come into you and be calm.

Breathe in and out and see how the air moves all the way throughout your body. Think about the nature around out and the beauty of it. Imagine walking through a forest or sitting in a garden. Feel the dirt under your feet and listen to the animals around you.

Look at all the tall trees and notice how you are waiting for spring to come and to bring something new to your life. You feel at peace as you imagine yourself walking through this forest, knowing that your angels and your guides are with you.

Imagine that you are walking on the top of a mountain, and you see a light, but this is the light that is yours. You know that this light is a good light and then you see light in front of you that is also good. Take time to step into this light.

This light will go into your chakras from the base chakra all thew ay to the top of your head. The light will fill each of your chakras and will ground you and bring stability in your life. It will move to the Sacral chakra where you will see an orange light and you will feel calm and happy. The relationships that you have had with people and your financial problems will fade as the light moves to the Solar Plexus chakra and turns yellow.

The light will then turn green, and this will go into your heart chakra, and you will feel unconditional love and healing and it will move to a blue light and will go to your throat chakra where it will open up your truth and your communication. The third eye will be next with a purple light and then followed by a violet light that goes to the crown chakra and helps you to feel balanced from your head down.

You will feel the different things inside of you that have held you back from being opened up. These things will now bring you peace and you will see that your own light is brighter, and you feel joyful and happy.

As you keep breathing in and out, you will see that your spirit, soul, and body feel lighter. You will feel that you are new and that you have new energy. You will be open to what the universe has to show you.

Imagine now that you are done, and you are leaving the mountain. You feel lighter than you have ever felt, and you know that you are going to have a good year. Walk through the forest and back out to where you feel a light shining inside of you. Talk to your angels and your guides and thank them for helping you and supporting you.

As you look around you and you see the trees and all of nature around you, know that you are growing and that you have to trust yourself to find your dreams and to reach your goals.

Ending the Guided Meditation

Now, after you do all of that, focus on bringing your energy back into your body. Let the energy flow down and all around you and know that you have changed. Be ready to open up your eyes and to take a step towards growth. Let faith and love be part of your growth and allow yourself to shine your light no matter where you go.