Stop Ignoring the Signs

We all have some intuition and if you feel that something is wrong in your relationship, chances are that there is. Love should be unconditional when you’re in a relationship and if you are in doubt as to rather your relationship is still about love, there are signs that you can look for to see if he still loves you.

Most of the time the people around you will notice these signs before you do so because as humans, we want to hold on to things that we want, and our heart can say that someone loves us just because its what we want to hear.

When you see certain things in your partner, chances are you need to pay attention because you want to find out if he loves you and if you can live in a happy relationship or if the relationship is over. Don’t keep wasting your time with someone that doesn’t love you like you deserve.

You deserve to have a happy relationship and a good life with someone that you love but if they no longer love you like you need, chances are that you need to move on. This could be that your guy isn’t ready to settle down and commit or something else. Don’t be someone that thinks that you can change his mind or make him love you or you will end up with a broken heart.

Focus on who you are and what you need and have confidence that if this relationship doesn’t work out that someone else will come along that will show you what you’re worth.

Stop Ignoring the Signs

Look at these signs and if he doesn’t love you, move on!

  • He Doesn’t Care About Your Day

Someone that loves you should ask you about your day or about what you’ve been doing. If you work and you get home and he doesn’t care about what you’ve been doing or even ask, chances are he might not care that much. Try to talk about your day and see if he is listening and engaging or if he’s just pretending that he hears you.

  • Forgetting Important Things

Someone that loves you will remember the important things that you have in your life. This could be something like a meeting or a big event that is important to you. If he forgets often about the important things in your life, then this should be a red flag that you notice.

  • He Doesn’t Talk About the Future

Another sign is that someone that is with you should be making plans for the future. This can be marriage, having children or even moving in together. If he loves you then he will have you in his future plans.

Don’t expect this kind of commitment if you’ve just started dating but if you’ve been together for a while, it should be something you talk about.

  • He Doesn’t Communicate When You’re Apart

When you’re apart, your partner should be calling your or texting you to make sure that things are going good for you.

  • He Doesn’t Care About Your Career

Everything that goes on in your life should be important to those that love you. If he doesn’t try to find out about your goals and ambition or care when you talk about them, he probably doesn’t love you like you love him.

  • Putting You Down

Even in your flaws your partner should love you. If he is putting you down, this is a sign he doesn’t.

  • Arguing Constantly

A guy that is always wanting to argue with you is not showing you love or care.

  • He Doesn’t Argue Fair

Every couple has arguments but if your man is constantly trying to fight with you then he probably doesn’t care much about you. This includes calling you names or bringing up negative things about you.

  • Putting in Effort

Love is hard and relationships take work. If he isn’t working towards things getting better, he probably doesn’t love you.

  • He Threatens to Leave

A man that loves you should never threaten to leave. If things get hard and he is always saying he is going to leave, let him.

  • Never Saying Sorry

When something hard happens, or fights happen then you should both be ready to apologize. This is important in any relationship. Accepting that you’re wrong and taking responsibility for what you do and say is a healthy relationship.

  • He Keeps You Hidden

Instead of showing you off to the world, if he keeps you hidden then he doesn’t want anyone to know about you. This is a big sign that he is trying to hide your relationship because he doesn’t care that much about you.

  • You Haven’t Met People In His Life

Another sign that he might not like you is that he doesn’t let you meet people in his life like his family or his friends. He should want to take you out and he should want the people in his life to embrace you as much as he has. If he is keeping you a secret from those he loves, this is a red flag.

  • No Support

Someone that loves you should support you. If he doesn’t support the things that you want to do and the desires that you have, he probably doesn’t love you.

  • His Eyes Say Something Else

Look deep into your partners eyes and see if he looks at you with a look of love. If he doesn’t move on.

  • No Affection

When a man loves you, he should hold you, hug you, kiss you, hold hands and be physically affectionate.

  • Makes Jokes About What You Want

You should have goals and passions and your partner should support these and be interested in helping you reach them. If he is always joking about these things that you want, he is disrespecting you and he probably isn’t your future.

  • He Doesn’t Put You First

If he puts everyone else before you then he doesn’t really treat you like a priority. You should be first in his life, and he should care deeply about who you are.

  • Looking or Talking to Other Women

There are some men that are attracted to all kinds of other women. He should never be looking at or talking to other woman when he is with you, or he has no respect for you.

  • He Doesn’t Respond to You

When you message or call your partner, he should answer, or he should call you right back. It isn’t hard for anyone to take a few minutes or even seconds out of their day to have a conversation with you to make sure that you’re okay or you don’t need anything.

  • He Doesn’t Want Sex

If you are having sex with your partner and now, he seems uninterested in it, he might either be selfish, or he might be with someone else.

  • He Wants Space from You

Men will sometimes ask for space if they want to end the relationship or if they are interested in someone else. Maybe he has already found someone else that he wants to be with.

If you haven’t been getting along, this might cause him to want space but if nothing is wrong and he wants space for no reason, this is a sign that he might be interested in someone else.

  • Communication is Gone

Maybe you have spent tons of time talking with your partner about the relationship and you used to love each other and flirt and talk but out of nowhere this has stopped. Men that aren’t interested in you any longer might not want to talk about the relationship because they are no longer interested in keeping it going.

  • He Doesn’t Complement You

If he is no longer telling you that you’re pretty or complementing you in your looks, he might have lost feelings for you. Maybe now he is always nagging you or telling you that you don’t look good.

He could say something about how you are dressing or how you are doing your hair and that he doesn’t like it. If this is happening, something is wrong.

  • Stop Letting Him Have You

If you have a guy and he is showing any of the signs above, chances are there is a problem in your relationship, and you might want to consider if the relationship is worth it. He probably doesn’t value you anymore.

Sometimes a guy will stay in a relationship because it is easier than leaving but you don’t want to be with someone just out of necessity. Don’t allow someone that doesn’t really appreciate you or love you to stay in your life.

If he doesn’t love you and he doesn’t want to tell you, just leave him. Don’t wait around to see if he is going to change his mind because he probably won’t. On top of that, you don’t want to waste anymore time with someone that doesn’t see your worth.