Make Him Want You Bad

Maybe you have a crush on someone, and you want to make him want you. Sometimes people will come into your life, and you will never be able to make them attracted to you but other times you will be irresistible to them.

Some people are looking to attract certain partners, and this is completely up to the universe and what the universe wants in your life. Even if you are attractive, it doesn’t mean that you are going to get the man that you want.

There are some men that are single and are still growing. They might not even be in any kind of real relationship, and they might get to the point where they are looking for something real. If he sees you out and you turn his eyes to you, chances are that he will be attracted to you. He might even see you out at the bar and catch your eyes and consider walking over to you and introducing himself.

He might ask himself what he even wants in a woman because he has never really found what he was exactly looking for. His past relationships might have been unsuccessful and a real turn off. Here are some qualities that a man like him might find irresistible about you:

Having Confidence

Men love women that are confident but not snobby. She will feel happy about who she is, and she will be able to carry herself well. She sets boundaries and she has self-care that keeps her strong in her mind, body, and soul.

She might show interest in him and see that he is amazing, but she will carry herself proudly and she will walk and move just like she is the sexiest thing.

  • Magnetism

Women that are irresistible to a man are often magnetic. They are pretty and they take care of their appearance, and they look well-dressed. They are happy and well-manicured, and they take hygiene seriously. They get down to the details of how they look, and they are nice on the inside and out.

  • Funny

Men like a woman that is humorous and loves to laugh and smile. She won’t be too weird or crazy, but she will be witty and funny, and she is sincere.

  • Focused

A woman that is focused on who she is with is a real turn on. She won’t be fidgeting or getting her phone out, but she will be present at the moment. Her mind is clear, and she is only being distracted by him. She is a good listener, and she wants to be where he is.

  • Passionate

Men love women that are passionate about what they like. She will like her hobbies and her job, and she will love anything that she lays her heart in. She lets him know what she wants, and she has goals and inspirations.

  • Wisdom

A woman that is wise is able to hold a deep conversation and to understand what is being said. She can talk about anything, and she will be proud to tell you who she is and what she wants in her life.

  • Independent

Women that are independent are attractive. They have lots of friend and know just what they want. They will not depend on someone to make them happy.

  • Appreciative

It is important that women are appreciative of what others do. If she is in a relationship, it will bear turn on for her to appreciate what her man brings to the relationship, and she will let him know.

  • Value

She knows that she is valuable, and he knows it because she knows it. She will make her man feel needed and valued as well as long as he does the same.

  • Loyalty

Men want a woman that will stand by them and protect them. She will be there and will take care of his needs and will love and nurture him. She will be loyal to a fault and will have him forever.

  • Calm

A man will never want to be with a crazy woman. He will want someone that is calm and collected and will be there to love and appreciate her man.

  • Can Take Love

Not only can she give love, but she can also take love. She will let her man take care of her and to protect her and be attentive to her. She does this because she appreciates him and is thankful that he is in her life.

  • Uses Intuition

Intuition is there to guide her and to show her that she is meant to be with someone, or she is meant to move on. She will know who he is based on what she hears him say and what his actions say. She will be able to use her intuition to guide her and to see if he is a real person or not.

Final Thoughts

Men want to know a woman for who she is. He wants someone that will be real and someone that will pursue him and not push him away. He will want someone that he can spoil and have on his arm.

It doesn’t always matter if you are good for him what matters is that you motivate him to be a better person and that you show your love and care for him. Many women believe that they will meet the perfect man, but no one is perfect. Find a man that is valuable and open to you.

Who you are will attract a man to you so make sure that you are strong, and you are independent. Be yourself and don’t expect someone to change you. If they want to then they probably aren’t for you.

Men aren’t able to read your mind so make sure that you share with him what you want so that he can know and give you the things that you need. Men are often simple, and they care about what is important to them. They want to protect those that they love, and they want to feel loved.

They need to feel appreciated, and they want you to be loyal to them. They will love your smarts and they will want to give you what you want and need. They will praise you and give you gifts, and you should do the same. The magnetism that you feel towards them can make you feel understanding of who he is.

He will have dreams and goals just like you have and as you show him that you care, there is nothing that he won’t realize about you. Let him see the real beauty in you as you move forward with him, and you learn to know him for who he is and let him know you.