Make Him Want You

Are you someone that has spent a lot of your time chasing after men or trying to convince a man that he likes you? When this happens, chances are there will be rejection in your future, making your self-esteem lower. It can be hard understanding what you’re doing wrong when you feel that you are just showing them that you’re interested.

You need to learn how to make a man chase after you instead of you chasing him. Once you learn to do this, you will see that things can be different in your relationships.

Make Him Come After You

Most women know that men like to be the one that chases. Even though it might seem like this is a game or calling a man a player, the truth is that men just enjoy the chase because they want to be the one to show interest.

Even though men like women that show interest, there are different points of view that a woman has of this than a man has of it. Men listen to their penis when they want a woman. If he isn’t attracted to your physically then he probably won’t care if he gets your attention or not. You might even have sex with him, have good communication and you might feel that you have a real connection but if he isn’t attracted to you sexually then you will never be more than friends.

Men like to put their energy into something and when they can achieve something, they will enjoy that. When you first start dating, men will want to show their interest in you by first asking for your number and then getting you to show interest back to him and then agreeing to go out with him. All of these are things that he is achieving or working towards.

When a man is able to get the number of a lady he likes, he will feel that he has won. This is why it is important to let him do the chasing.

Why Is Chasing Men Bad for You

The way that we live now, we are always chasing after things. We chase after the house we want, we chase after the job we want, we chase after the finances we want, so then we think that if we chase after a man then we are making the right choices.

It can be easy to think that you should chase after a man, but the truth is that when you chase after them like you do your job or your house, you will cause things to go sour. Chasing after a man doesn’t allow them to show off their masculine energy. He will not be able to win you over if you are the one that is throwing yourself after him. Doing this makes you take on the role of the man.

Another reason why this is a bad idea is because you are throwing at him reasons why you think that he should like you and he doesn’t want you to force those reasons on him, but he wants to find the reasons himself.

Make Him Chase After You

Here are some ways that you can make him chase after you:

  • Don’t Be Always Available

You have to learn to keep to your own routine and not to skip things that you want to do because you want to make time for him. Don’t skip going to the gym or to the movies with your bestie when he calls and wants to go out on a date.

Also, you don’t want to make him think that you are always busy because he will think you aren’t interested but you have to act like you are squeezing in some time for him when you are busy. Don’t make him the center of everything.

  • Be Feminine

Being a woman is something that will get his attention. When you act like a feminine lady, you will flirt, be happy and playful and you will let him make advances and make him feel good about it. While he gives you his attention, show him you enjoy it.

Don’t say yes to everything he asks you though. When he is interested, he will get in touch with you and try to date you.

  • Get In His Head

When you are with him, do something memorable before you leave that day or night so that he can’t stop thinking about you.

One thing that you can do is kiss him before you leave but don’t try to be over the top. Don’t try to have sex or anything wild but do something small and subtle that will have him thinking about you all night.

  • Know The Right Guy will Find You

If a man doesn’t show interest in you, know that there is someone out there for you. He might not be here right now but try manifesting him and he will come at the time when you need him the most and he will chase after you.

Don’t try to do everything and anything to make him chase you. Sometimes there is a spiritual connection and sometimes there isn’t, accept it either way.

  • Be a Mystery to Him

Don’t try to tell him why and how you would be good to him and good to him. If he is interested in you, he will pursue you. When he wants to know what you do on dates or if he tells you that you and he would make a good match, this is a sign that he is interested in you.

Don’t ignore him or refuse to answer him when he says these things. Make a nice comment or give him an answer so that he doesn’t think that you are avoiding it.

  • Find Things to do Together

Find hobbies and other things that you can do together. You might start watching the same show together and when he wants to do something, he will think of you and reach out to you to do it with him.

Make a plan to do things together and if you can’t be physically together, do something like play online games together or send memes to each other. Don’t be pushy or try to text and call him all the time but let him be the one to text you and ask you to do something.

  • Flirty Pictures or Texts

Sometimes send him flirty texts or send him a picture that is sexy. It will make him think about you. Put on something cute and send him a picture or a text that made you feel good and see how he responds.

Don’t send him nudes or sext him because then it might turn into a relationship that you don’t want to get in to.

  • Stop Contacting Him

One of the best things that work is to stop contacting him. Let him make the effort to contact you and let him be the first one to message. Give him time to see that you didn’t’ respond and let him text again and this will show that he wants to get to know you.

One good idea though is to not wait too long to text him back or he might think you are ignoring him or ghosting him. If he doesn’t text, you back when you text him though he might not really like you.

  • Do Something He’s Never Done

When you start dating him, do something that he has never done before and be the first one to do it with him. Ask him about something he has always wanted to do or something he has never done before and then plan a date to do that with him.

Don’t do things that will be too much like taking his virginity or anything like that. You don’t want to be the one that does that if the relationship isn’t meant to be.

  • Don’t Label

Don’t try to label the relationship right away. You can’t expect to be completely with a guy that you just met and let things be casual for a while. Be open about what you want but don’t label the relationship after just a few dates.

If the relationship is too casual, let him know that this isn’t what you’re looking for and you are looking for something serious. If he isn’t looking for the same thing, let him move on so that you can find someone that is more serious, and you don’t end up getting hurt.

  • What Else to Know

Being confident is important but you need to make sure that you aren’t being needy. You never want a guy to feel like you are needy and then if you get rejected it will cause you to get hurt.

You need to be someone that is rare, and this means that you shouldn’t fall all over him and make him think that you are too crazy for him. Make him miss you and make him see that he has to put in an effort to talk to you and to get to spend time with you.

If you aren’t the first one to text him constantly and he realizes that you didn’t respond, he will have his feelings for you grow. He will never have his feelings get stronger for you if you are always swooning over him. Let him feel like he is addicted to you and see how he changes.