good luck charms

There are many people that say that luck doesn’t exist but if it doesn’t, how can people explain the good things that happen out of nowhere such as someone winning the lottery or someone finding a million dollars? American’s will spend a lot of money buying good luck charms and so even if someone don’t believe in it, others do. Is this superstitious or is it luck? Even people all over the world believe that good luck can happen, and they hope to avoid bad luck.

Here are some of the most known good luck charms and symbols:

  • Four Leaf Clovers

These are clovers that show good luck. They are known from Irish folklore and the Celtics believed that clovers would allow them to see things like fairies. This clover would represent love, hope, luck and faith and there are different kinds of clovers with different amounts of leaves. A four-leaf clover is the one that is considered to be the luckiest.

  • Pennies

Some believe that pennies are good luck and that means that if you find one, some say that you should pick it up to have good luck all day. Finding a penny on the ground can be a symbol of love and comfort or a sign that angels have left you a gift.

  • Horseshoes

Irish folklore says that a blacksmith was visited by a horse devil, and he asked for a horseshoe. The blacksmith used 7 nails to secure the horseshoe tightly on the hooves and it hurt the devil. He begged for the shoe to be taken off and the blacksmith said that he would but only if the devil would respect the horseshoe and only put it over the door in the entrance. People now even believe that this keeps out evil spirits and you can find them at the front of many entrances.

  • Number Eight

This is a number that shows that someone can have abundance and good luck. Even in places like China, this number is represented of wealth. If you see eights all over the place, it can mean that something good is coming in your future.

  • Rabbit’s Food

You probably have heard of a lucky rabbit’s food. This is something that was seen in history and in many cultures, rabbit’s are part of the spirit animals. They can breed often, and they can breed other rabbits that bring good luck. They can be fast and escape dangerous situations. They are fast and able to jump. These are the traits of the rabbit, and this is why the rabbit will have their rear and left foot removed to bring them good luck.

  • Dandelion Fluff

You can make a wish by blowing on a dandelion and this can bring luck. As the fluff goes into the universe, these are seeds carrying your wishes.

  • Number 7

This number is one that is seen in many things like the colors of the rainbow, the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the 7 continents and more. This is a number that is seen to be lucky for most people. It is an odd number, and it can also be one that brings jackpots when you play slots. It can also be one that comes on traditional dice. Some believe that when you ask someone to pick a number 1-10, most will pick the number 7. That is because it is lucky.

Other Lucky Symbols and Charms

  • Acorns: Can be put by windows to bring in luck.
  • Baby’s hair: Put the cut hair by the mother to keep her safe.
  • Cornucopia: This can make business better and can help a mother to have a healthy baby.
  • Dolphin: It can mean luck to sailors who see one.
  • Emerald: Considered lucky to protect form evil spirits and for mothers. It can keep people from losing their memories.
  • Frogs: Attracts friendship and love.
  • Garlic: Cures illness and gets rid of toothaches while fighting off vampires.
  • Hearts: Brings love and luck.
  • Ides of March: A lucky day that adds years to life.
  • Jasper: Brings health, beauty, and security.
  • Key: Can be given as a symbol of unlocking love.
  • Ladybugs: Bring luck, fortune, prosperity, and you can wish on them for abundance.
  • May Day: Celebrated May 1st and is a tradition of cutting down a sycamore tree. Can bring luck to planting.
  • New Year’s: Open the windows at midnight on New Year’s Eve to bring good luck and keep bad luck out.
  • Opal: Truth, foresight, and a pure heart.
  • Pigs: Brings luck to businesses.
  • Quartz: Shows spiritual and intelligence. Can bring luck and help to stop depression.
  • Rice: Symbolizes fruitfulness, good luck, abundance.
  • Sneezing: When you tell someone, “Good luck,” it means that you are sending them wishes.
  • Tiki: Protection from evil forces.
  • Umbrella: Shouldn’t be opened in the house or can bring bad luck but if you open it outside it can bring rain.
  • Valentine’s Day: February 14th, honors Saint Valentine and is considered lucky for love.
  • Wishbone: Brings luck and can bring luck to two people that pull it apart with their eyes closed while making a wish.

Final Thoughts

Remember, luck is something that some believe in, and some don’t. There are many of the signs and symbols above that you will see in your life. Are they lucky for you?