5 Reasons your Psychic Powers could be Blocked

5 Reasons your Psychic Powers could be BlockedNaturally, we all have psychic capabilities and gateways to tap into the deepest powers of our minds, but many of us never develop the skills enough to hang onto these abilities when we get older. Children often have the most psychic capabilities because their age, experience, and doubt has not crept in as it has with so many adults.

If you want to regain the capabilities you had as a child and then develop them to master levels of spirituality, then there are 5 things you need to focus on as you live life trying to take your mind to new heights.

  1. Avoid Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is someone who sucks the positive energy out of your aura just as a regular vampire sucks the lifeblood from its victims. People’s negativity can tend to have a damaging effect to psychic ability because it causes us to put up walls against any outside forces. With these barriers in place, we cannot tap into our innate psychic abilities because there are just too many other factors in the way. These protective barriers are the same ones that create doubt and disbelief, which are the most powerful inhibitors of your psychic abilities. If you begin filling your life with positive people and people you can trust, these protective barriers come down and your abilities can flourish.

  1. Don’t Dwell on Stress

Similar to doubt and disbelief, your stress levels will create barriers against your psychic abilities. Now, everyone has stress in life, so it is unrealistic to try and simply avoid stress. But you can control how much emphasis you place on the stress in your life. When you create too much focus on your stress, you actually create an imbalance of hormones and cause damage to your third eye. We use this third eye as a portal from our physical self to our mental self, so the imbalance of hormones can make it very difficult to see through that portal. Instead of focusing on the stress, try to take a walk, decompress, or get out into the natural world a little bit. This can allow your third eye to open up again.

  1. Nature’s Calling

Speaking of nature, getting outside is one of the best ways to get in touch with our spiritual side. No matter where you live, try to find just a small section of nature to walk around in, and if you can walk around barefoot, even better. Being in nature creates a different type of blood flow within your body that can create a much better connection with your third eye. The hormone that induces stress, cortisol, is typically reduced within our bodies the more we can breathe fresh air and be outside. Cortisol is known to create a barrier between our mental and physical beings, and the more this barrier is built up, the harder it is to take down.

  1. Eat. Repeat.

If you’re not eating the right foods, you won’t be able to manage your stress and control your hormone levels. Food is one of the main ways we can increase or decrease cortisol levels. Ironically, our body craves simple carbs when we are stressed (sugary treats and the like), and these are the foods that increase cortisol levels the most. Avoiding the natural tendency to overeat when stressed, while pairing with regular exercise (although not so strenuous that more stress is induced), can have the eventual result of controlling cortisol levels.

  1. Get Grounded

While spirituality can be attractive for many people, committing to what it takes to open up your third eye can be a challenge. You have to practice your grounding habits daily so that you can develop these skills. What do we mean by grounding yourself? It is trying to channel the energy of the earth, beneath our feet.

You can do this by using a technique called microcosmic meditation. Sit down on a chair, with your back straight. Good posture is essential. Now put your feet on the ground and feel the energy beneath them. Channel this energy up through your spine and into your head. Now feel the energy begin to pour out over your head and over your entire body, moving through your system until every organ is engulfed. You will start feeling refreshed and, if you focus on the earth’s energy becoming your energy enough, you can begin to open up your third eye.