Indications that you are likely to be a psychic

Indications that you are likely to be a psychicSign 1: You get more insightful by just taking two glasses of wine

Have you ever experiences instances where people see solutions to problems when they were just relaxing and not doing anything? Any kind of information that might pop when you are free. Research indicates that such kind of practices is likely to transform our brain-activity frequently making our frontal lobe to quiet down. However, in my encounter, such kind of activities tend to happen to more psychic individuals. Psychic abilities can stay calm, then pop up when we least expect. Now he comes the most essential part. Let’s say you experience insights while relaxing with a glass of wine, you are likely to know more about people without them necessarily telling you. That’s a strong sign that you are likely to be a psychic, but you might dismiss this sign.

I have to say that I am already of this finding and I fully comprehend my abilities. Nothing works more than telling someone a lot about them that you weren’t probably aware of. Some even asked me if I was a stalker. I am proud to say that since then, I have acknowledged my abilities and decide to use them in a more light-filled way. However, if this happens to you, put down those feelings or the information. Then stop drinking.

Sign 2: Your new friends look blue or red

Psychics have different views about people. This is due to the fact they encounter synesthesia, a condition where senses are swapped. Have you ever heard music notes surrounding someone, or rather have you ever met a new person who you always associate with the color, flower or a landscape? Such kinds of sensory perception usually take place internally. Quite several people, however, don’t usually talk about them for the fear of sounding weird.

Since I was young, I encountered synesthesia and frequently saw people in colors. I came to understand that nobody should be alarmed by this distinct way of perceiving people. But it was helpful. For instance, I came to comprehend that if an individual appeared blue, to me, he or she is a natural healer or a teacher and I’m likely to feel more relaxed around that individual. If I view someone as red then it means this is an individual who’s undergoing stress and anxiety and is very short-tempered, an indication that I should move away.

Sign 3: Your gut has saved your life (or budget)

Maybe you had a strong perception in the past that you have to go to a store at a particular time, then went and found out that the specific item you were looking for is there and about 50% off. Or maybe while driving home, something told to avoid a certain route and later you came to realize that an accident occurred in that route same day. Quite a number of us have heard such kind of feelings. They are known as intuitive pulls.

Sign 4: Your dreams seep you into your waking life in surprising ways

Probably you dreamt last night that your dead mother spoke to you about where your missing bracelet was only to find it there the next morning. Or maybe you are at work and suddenly you daydream that you’re being awarded a trophy only to get promoted at work. Or maybe you dreamt of someone you haven’t seen for a long time only to meet them the next day. Even though you might ignore these feelings, they occur. It’s very normal.