“Faith” usually been the cause of so many wars in the history. It can be divisive, where opponents of a particular belief system are intolerant of those with different beliefs. 

It is a strange thing that faith claims to deliver harmony and love, but in a lot of cases is so twisted that it brings nothing but pain and suffering to those of another belief system. But who has a right to tell anyone that the path they follow is wrong?


The non-believer can come in many forms. There are the ones who will passively non-believe and allow others their beliefs; and there are those who can become aggressive and even insulting when faced with someone’s belief system. It would appear that once the latter have made their minds up – that there is nothing beyond the the physical world –  then everyone should follow their secular credo. But isn’t this zealot-like thinking exactly what they were trying to denounce in the first place?

The Believer

Much like the non-believer, believers also come in many forms. There are the passive believers who will follow the message of their faith and, because their faith is strong and nothing will endanger it, allow others to follow different beliefs. Then there are the aggressive believers: these are the ones who say “my way is the only way”.  They will not entertain other systems of belief to the point of eliminating those who do. Are they really as secure in their beliefs as they claim to be?


Psychics who use Tarot and other means of mediation are possibly among the most persecuted of any belief system throughout time. Mainly it is because our beliefs do not constitute a religion. Instead. we have a connection to spirit, without having any real ceremonies or swearing allegiance to any temple.

We come from all religious backgrounds. The reason could be that we believe the two worlds are not all that different and not all that far away from each other. However, there are rules, and one of those is respect for your fellow man. Remember, for every person on this planet, there is someone in spirit who loves them. Spirit does not give psychics all the answers, only the ones they feel they need to deliver at that time.

Why don’t psychics know everything?

When a psychic opens up to do a reading, he or she can only receive what is sent. I like to think of the relationship between psychic and spirit to be a bit like that of parent and child. A parent will offer guidance and protection to the child, but they won’t take the lessons out of the journey because otherwise you would learn nothing. When you receive a reading, bear this in mind. Sometimes spirit – through a psychic –  will take you by the hand and guide you. Other times it will allow you to find your own way around a problem, so you come out stronger at the other end – but you are never alone. During your reading, be aware that spirit always has your best interests at heart.

Should I have to defend my spirit beliefs?

A resounding “no” is my first thought on this. If someone does not believe, then that is their right. I think nothing less of them for their stance. However, if someone does not believe and spends every opportunity dismissing and belittling those who do, I would be inclined to believe that they are not totally convinced that there is nothing after this life, and are finding it a bit lonely out there.

We all have different journeys, which deliver different experiences, because we need to learn different lessons. Yours is unique, only you understand it because only you need too.