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Growth and Change During Winter Solstice

Growth and Change During Winter Solstice

While you are taking a break from projects to celebrate Christmas and New Years, you need to realize that the winter solstice is a great thing for your life. Celebrating family and taking time to rest your mind, body and spirit is a great thing to do and you can see that the winter solstice can help you with this.

Setting goals and making resolutions happens during this time while people start to wish that they will get things, but they sometimes forget that they need to take time to look at their growth and what they need in their inner being.

It is important to set your intentions to heal your heart and allow your energy to flow for the new beginning so that you can work on relationships and on the desires that you have so that you won’t be limited.

Nature and Life

Nature is something that has no end. Look at the things that are limiting nature. Can you reach the top of the sky or go as deep as the ground does? No. There is only unending nature. The universe gives nature to you so that you can understand how you can use it for your own energy center.

Look at your own energy and see what kind of healing that you need. Do you suffer from past trauma? Do you have things in your life that have caused you to be fearful? You can use guided meditation to learn to trust yourself more and to be able to let things go that are holding you back.

Using Winter Solstice to Let Go of Negativity

Take time during the winter solstice to let go of negativity and to ask your angels and your guides to help you and to build up trust. Even when it is dark outside, you can see that there is light inside of you and that energy can help to keep you safe. Learn to love yourself and put your own needs first and stop caring about what everyone else around you need.

  • Let Yourself Heal

You have to take time to heal. Things don’t always happen fast but if you go with the process then you will see that you can let go of the darkness and you can be free. Take time to quiet your mind and to see what is going on around you. Cut the cords that are connected to you that you have given others and let go of things that you no longer need.

As you use guided meditation and winter solstice meditation, you will be able to let go of old things and allow yourself to heal.

  • Guided Meditation

Find a place that you can be comfortable and that you won’t be distracted. Find the place and then sit down in a comfortable position. Let go of your thoughts and your emotions and just be who you are.

  • Begin to Meditate

As you calm down and clear your mind, notice your breathing and nothing else. Notice how you breathe in and out and how it allows you to relax. Let your energy that is negative leave your body, release things out like past trauma, bad emotions, and pain. Let these things move away from you as you deep breathe.

As you let things go, you can see that you are protected and that you can see that each part of your mind, body and soul is being filled with love and kindness. As the negativity leaves, you can let positive things come into you and be calm.

Breathe in and out and see how the air moves all the way throughout your body. Think about the nature around out and the beauty of it. Imagine walking through a forest or sitting in a garden. Feel the dirt under your feet and listen to the animals around you.

Look at all the tall trees and notice how you are waiting for spring to come and to bring something new to your life. You feel at peace as you imagine yourself walking through this forest, knowing that your angels and your guides are with you.

Imagine that you are walking on the top of a mountain, and you see a light, but this is the light that is yours. You know that this light is a good light and then you see light in front of you that is also good. Take time to step into this light.

This light will go into your chakras from the base chakra all thew ay to the top of your head. The light will fill each of your chakras and will ground you and bring stability in your life. It will move to the Sacral chakra where you will see an orange light and you will feel calm and happy. The relationships that you have had with people and your financial problems will fade as the light moves to the Solar Plexus chakra and turns yellow.

The light will then turn green, and this will go into your heart chakra, and you will feel unconditional love and healing and it will move to a blue light and will go to your throat chakra where it will open up your truth and your communication. The third eye will be next with a purple light and then followed by a violet light that goes to the crown chakra and helps you to feel balanced from your head down.

You will feel the different things inside of you that have held you back from being opened up. These things will now bring you peace and you will see that your own light is brighter, and you feel joyful and happy.

As you keep breathing in and out, you will see that your spirit, soul, and body feel lighter. You will feel that you are new and that you have new energy. You will be open to what the universe has to show you.

Imagine now that you are done, and you are leaving the mountain. You feel lighter than you have ever felt, and you know that you are going to have a good year. Walk through the forest and back out to where you feel a light shining inside of you. Talk to your angels and your guides and thank them for helping you and supporting you.

As you look around you and you see the trees and all of nature around you, know that you are growing and that you have to trust yourself to find your dreams and to reach your goals.

Ending the Guided Meditation

Now, after you do all of that, focus on bringing your energy back into your body. Let the energy flow down and all around you and know that you have changed. Be ready to open up your eyes and to take a step towards growth. Let faith and love be part of your growth and allow yourself to shine your light no matter where you go.

Use Charms to Bring Good Luck

good luck charms

There are many people that say that luck doesn’t exist but if it doesn’t, how can people explain the good things that happen out of nowhere such as someone winning the lottery or someone finding a million dollars? American’s will spend a lot of money buying good luck charms and so even if someone don’t believe in it, others do. Is this superstitious or is it luck? Even people all over the world believe that good luck can happen, and they hope to avoid bad luck.

Here are some of the most known good luck charms and symbols:

  • Four Leaf Clovers

These are clovers that show good luck. They are known from Irish folklore and the Celtics believed that clovers would allow them to see things like fairies. This clover would represent love, hope, luck and faith and there are different kinds of clovers with different amounts of leaves. A four-leaf clover is the one that is considered to be the luckiest.

  • Pennies

Some believe that pennies are good luck and that means that if you find one, some say that you should pick it up to have good luck all day. Finding a penny on the ground can be a symbol of love and comfort or a sign that angels have left you a gift.

  • Horseshoes

Irish folklore says that a blacksmith was visited by a horse devil, and he asked for a horseshoe. The blacksmith used 7 nails to secure the horseshoe tightly on the hooves and it hurt the devil. He begged for the shoe to be taken off and the blacksmith said that he would but only if the devil would respect the horseshoe and only put it over the door in the entrance. People now even believe that this keeps out evil spirits and you can find them at the front of many entrances.

  • Number Eight

This is a number that shows that someone can have abundance and good luck. Even in places like China, this number is represented of wealth. If you see eights all over the place, it can mean that something good is coming in your future.

  • Rabbit’s Food

You probably have heard of a lucky rabbit’s food. This is something that was seen in history and in many cultures, rabbit’s are part of the spirit animals. They can breed often, and they can breed other rabbits that bring good luck. They can be fast and escape dangerous situations. They are fast and able to jump. These are the traits of the rabbit, and this is why the rabbit will have their rear and left foot removed to bring them good luck.

  • Dandelion Fluff

You can make a wish by blowing on a dandelion and this can bring luck. As the fluff goes into the universe, these are seeds carrying your wishes.

  • Number 7

This number is one that is seen in many things like the colors of the rainbow, the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the 7 continents and more. This is a number that is seen to be lucky for most people. It is an odd number, and it can also be one that brings jackpots when you play slots. It can also be one that comes on traditional dice. Some believe that when you ask someone to pick a number 1-10, most will pick the number 7. That is because it is lucky.

Other Lucky Symbols and Charms

  • Acorns: Can be put by windows to bring in luck.
  • Baby’s hair: Put the cut hair by the mother to keep her safe.
  • Cornucopia: This can make business better and can help a mother to have a healthy baby.
  • Dolphin: It can mean luck to sailors who see one.
  • Emerald: Considered lucky to protect form evil spirits and for mothers. It can keep people from losing their memories.
  • Frogs: Attracts friendship and love.
  • Garlic: Cures illness and gets rid of toothaches while fighting off vampires.
  • Hearts: Brings love and luck.
  • Ides of March: A lucky day that adds years to life.
  • Jasper: Brings health, beauty, and security.
  • Key: Can be given as a symbol of unlocking love.
  • Ladybugs: Bring luck, fortune, prosperity, and you can wish on them for abundance.
  • May Day: Celebrated May 1st and is a tradition of cutting down a sycamore tree. Can bring luck to planting.
  • New Year’s: Open the windows at midnight on New Year’s Eve to bring good luck and keep bad luck out.
  • Opal: Truth, foresight, and a pure heart.
  • Pigs: Brings luck to businesses.
  • Quartz: Shows spiritual and intelligence. Can bring luck and help to stop depression.
  • Rice: Symbolizes fruitfulness, good luck, abundance.
  • Sneezing: When you tell someone, “Good luck,” it means that you are sending them wishes.
  • Tiki: Protection from evil forces.
  • Umbrella: Shouldn’t be opened in the house or can bring bad luck but if you open it outside it can bring rain.
  • Valentine’s Day: February 14th, honors Saint Valentine and is considered lucky for love.
  • Wishbone: Brings luck and can bring luck to two people that pull it apart with their eyes closed while making a wish.

Final Thoughts

Remember, luck is something that some believe in, and some don’t. There are many of the signs and symbols above that you will see in your life. Are they lucky for you?

Cleansing Your Home of Negativity

Cleansing Your Home of Negativity

Your home should be a place that makes you feel at peace and makes you feel safe and positive. You can make these feelings happen by getting your vibrations strong in your home. This can help you to sleep better and help you to live happily. Once you are able to raise your vibrations and cleanse your home of negative energy, you will allow positive energy to come into your home.

There are ways that you can change your mindset and focus your thoughts on positive things. This comes with having a sound environment and happiness in your home.

Energies and Vibrations

Everything that is living has energy. Your body is made of different vibrations, and this is where the energy comes from. This isn’t just energy from the world, but it is also spiritual energy. When you have high vibrations then you will feel happy, and you will feel at peace. This can create a positive environment for you that makes you feel loved and happy.

Why Raise Your Vibrations?

It is important to raise your vibrations because when you want to feel positive, your vibrations can help to make this happen. When your vibes are high, you can raise your energies and you can be more positive. You can change the environment around you and as you raise your vibrations you will see that your body and your mind will have an overall wellbeing.

Cleansing the Energy in Your Home

Here are some ways that you can cleanse your energies:

  • Incense and Herbs

You can increase your vibrations by burning incense or herbs in your home. Try to smudge your home with sage to get rid of anything negative.

  • Declutter

Get rid of things in your home that you no longer need. Decluttering your home can improve your focus and help you to feel less stressed.

  • Let in the Sun

Open up the curtains and let sunlight into your home. This can make your home feel fresher, and it can bring positivity and clear thinking into your home.

  • Candles

Some people will light candles and put them around their home. The flame has power, and it can give you a peaceful energy surrounding you. This can make your aura stronger. Find candles that smell good and that can open up your third eye energy. This can help you concentrate better.

  • Elements

There are different elements of air, fire, water, earth, and metal that you can use in your home, and this can help you to be creative and to bring goodness in your home. This is part of Feng Shui.

  • Fresh Flowers and Plants

Put flowers and plants around your home and let them fill your home with freshness and with clean energy.

  • Raising Your Vibrations

Here are some ways that you can cleanse your home and raise your vibrations:

  • Music

Find music that is positive to play around your home. Dance to it and let it raise your vibrations and make you feel positive.

  • Salt Lamps

Salt lamps can be used to brighten up and purifying your home and your air. This can absorb the negative energy and can look nice too.

  • Essential Oils

Some people will use essential oils that can help them feel better in their body, mind, and soul. This can help to boost your mood and you can use them to boost your meditation.

  • Crystals

There are different crystals that can bring healing to your body and protect you and encourage you. Crystals can be used when you meditate, or you can keep them around your home to help you focus.

  • Singing Bowl

Find a singing bowl and use it in your home. This is an instrument that has been used to open up the mind and to bring healing to the soul and the body. Singing bowls can be used while you meditate, and they create a soft sound that is calming.

Cleansing Your Energies

You can also cleanse your own energies and help to raise your vibrations within your own body. Here is how:

  • Make a Relaxing Space

Find a space in your home that you can use to help you relax. You can create a room that you can meditate in, and this space can be used just for that. This can be a space that helps you relax and gives you peace.

  • Meditating

Meditating is one way that you can cleanse your mind and you can calm your energies. Master this and you will feel more balanced.

  • Yoga

Some people use yoga to help them to be more mindful. This means that you are more aware of how you are feeling and what you are doing, and this can increase your vibrations.

  • Electronics

Spend less time on your electronics and clear out your mind.

  • Eat Healthy

Eat healthy by eating foods such as vegetables and fruits. These can raise your vibrations and make your body stronger.

  • Dance

Any kind of movement can make your energy better. Dance and bring happiness to your life. Dancing can make your mood better and can help you get exercise and be healthy.

  • Salt Bath

Take a salt bath and let all of your worries and stress go down the drain. Use Epsom salt in your bath and learn to be calm.

  • Be Thankful

Being thankful is one way that you can raise your vibrations and be more positive. This can boost your mood instantly.

  • Show Love

Do things that show love to others. Be kind and caring and show people that you care.

  • Forgive

Forgive those that have hurt you and let go of any negative energies that surround you.

  • Reduce Alcoholic Beverages

If you drink, reduce the amount of alcohol that you indulge in.

  • Go in Nature

Go out in nature and see things around you that are beautiful. This can help to get rid of stress and can even make your immune system stronger.

Final Thoughts

When you clear out negative energy from your home, it will make your whole life better. It will change your thinking from negative to positive and it will raise your vibrations each day.

Make Him Want You, No Games

Make Him Want You

Are you someone that has spent a lot of your time chasing after men or trying to convince a man that he likes you? When this happens, chances are there will be rejection in your future, making your self-esteem lower. It can be hard understanding what you’re doing wrong when you feel that you are just showing them that you’re interested.

You need to learn how to make a man chase after you instead of you chasing him. Once you learn to do this, you will see that things can be different in your relationships.

Make Him Come After You

Most women know that men like to be the one that chases. Even though it might seem like this is a game or calling a man a player, the truth is that men just enjoy the chase because they want to be the one to show interest.

Even though men like women that show interest, there are different points of view that a woman has of this than a man has of it. Men listen to their penis when they want a woman. If he isn’t attracted to your physically then he probably won’t care if he gets your attention or not. You might even have sex with him, have good communication and you might feel that you have a real connection but if he isn’t attracted to you sexually then you will never be more than friends.

Men like to put their energy into something and when they can achieve something, they will enjoy that. When you first start dating, men will want to show their interest in you by first asking for your number and then getting you to show interest back to him and then agreeing to go out with him. All of these are things that he is achieving or working towards.

When a man is able to get the number of a lady he likes, he will feel that he has won. This is why it is important to let him do the chasing.

Why Is Chasing Men Bad for You

The way that we live now, we are always chasing after things. We chase after the house we want, we chase after the job we want, we chase after the finances we want, so then we think that if we chase after a man then we are making the right choices.

It can be easy to think that you should chase after a man, but the truth is that when you chase after them like you do your job or your house, you will cause things to go sour. Chasing after a man doesn’t allow them to show off their masculine energy. He will not be able to win you over if you are the one that is throwing yourself after him. Doing this makes you take on the role of the man.

Another reason why this is a bad idea is because you are throwing at him reasons why you think that he should like you and he doesn’t want you to force those reasons on him, but he wants to find the reasons himself.

Make Him Chase After You

Here are some ways that you can make him chase after you:

  • Don’t Be Always Available

You have to learn to keep to your own routine and not to skip things that you want to do because you want to make time for him. Don’t skip going to the gym or to the movies with your bestie when he calls and wants to go out on a date.

Also, you don’t want to make him think that you are always busy because he will think you aren’t interested but you have to act like you are squeezing in some time for him when you are busy. Don’t make him the center of everything.

  • Be Feminine

Being a woman is something that will get his attention. When you act like a feminine lady, you will flirt, be happy and playful and you will let him make advances and make him feel good about it. While he gives you his attention, show him you enjoy it.

Don’t say yes to everything he asks you though. When he is interested, he will get in touch with you and try to date you.

  • Get In His Head

When you are with him, do something memorable before you leave that day or night so that he can’t stop thinking about you.

One thing that you can do is kiss him before you leave but don’t try to be over the top. Don’t try to have sex or anything wild but do something small and subtle that will have him thinking about you all night.

  • Know The Right Guy will Find You

If a man doesn’t show interest in you, know that there is someone out there for you. He might not be here right now but try manifesting him and he will come at the time when you need him the most and he will chase after you.

Don’t try to do everything and anything to make him chase you. Sometimes there is a spiritual connection and sometimes there isn’t, accept it either way.

  • Be a Mystery to Him

Don’t try to tell him why and how you would be good to him and good to him. If he is interested in you, he will pursue you. When he wants to know what you do on dates or if he tells you that you and he would make a good match, this is a sign that he is interested in you.

Don’t ignore him or refuse to answer him when he says these things. Make a nice comment or give him an answer so that he doesn’t think that you are avoiding it.

  • Find Things to do Together

Find hobbies and other things that you can do together. You might start watching the same show together and when he wants to do something, he will think of you and reach out to you to do it with him.

Make a plan to do things together and if you can’t be physically together, do something like play online games together or send memes to each other. Don’t be pushy or try to text and call him all the time but let him be the one to text you and ask you to do something.

  • Flirty Pictures or Texts

Sometimes send him flirty texts or send him a picture that is sexy. It will make him think about you. Put on something cute and send him a picture or a text that made you feel good and see how he responds.

Don’t send him nudes or sext him because then it might turn into a relationship that you don’t want to get in to.

  • Stop Contacting Him

One of the best things that work is to stop contacting him. Let him make the effort to contact you and let him be the first one to message. Give him time to see that you didn’t’ respond and let him text again and this will show that he wants to get to know you.

One good idea though is to not wait too long to text him back or he might think you are ignoring him or ghosting him. If he doesn’t text, you back when you text him though he might not really like you.

  • Do Something He’s Never Done

When you start dating him, do something that he has never done before and be the first one to do it with him. Ask him about something he has always wanted to do or something he has never done before and then plan a date to do that with him.

Don’t do things that will be too much like taking his virginity or anything like that. You don’t want to be the one that does that if the relationship isn’t meant to be.

  • Don’t Label

Don’t try to label the relationship right away. You can’t expect to be completely with a guy that you just met and let things be casual for a while. Be open about what you want but don’t label the relationship after just a few dates.

If the relationship is too casual, let him know that this isn’t what you’re looking for and you are looking for something serious. If he isn’t looking for the same thing, let him move on so that you can find someone that is more serious, and you don’t end up getting hurt.

  • What Else to Know

Being confident is important but you need to make sure that you aren’t being needy. You never want a guy to feel like you are needy and then if you get rejected it will cause you to get hurt.

You need to be someone that is rare, and this means that you shouldn’t fall all over him and make him think that you are too crazy for him. Make him miss you and make him see that he has to put in an effort to talk to you and to get to spend time with you.

If you aren’t the first one to text him constantly and he realizes that you didn’t respond, he will have his feelings for you grow. He will never have his feelings get stronger for you if you are always swooning over him. Let him feel like he is addicted to you and see how he changes.

PsychicOz Reviews – Find a Legitimate Online Psychic

PsychicOz Reviews
Psychics Quality
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Individualized readings
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How to Tell If a Psychic’s Love Reading Is Real

How to Tell If a Psychic's Love Reading Is Real

Practically everyone today wants answers about their life, future, and what decisions to make. That means many people go to psychics or mediums to seek answers and, unfortunately, many of those people aren’t legitimate.

How do you know if a psychic is giving a real love reading or doing something else? Some so-called psychics read your body language to gauge if they are saying things that are meaningful to you. Others project their feelings and experiences into your reading and there are some who either intentionally or unintentionally make stuff up.

Yet, there are real psychics out there who can be helpful.

How can you tell one from the other? Here is a quick guide.

  • By Reputation

Real psychics have clients who swear by them. Before you make an appointment, check out reviews and even ask the psychic some questions as you would a doctor or lawyer you plan to hire.

How long have they been doing readings? What method do they use? Can they provide you with contact information for three clients willing to share their stories? All of this will build some trust and credibility with you.

  • Pay attention to their actions and words

Psychics will start describing things and people once they get into a love reading. Watch their mannerisms to tell if they are being sincere. They should be confident rather than slightly nervous. They should naturally flow with the information without staring into the air. Staring into the air means they are trying to think of something, which could indicate lying.

Some will start with general items and that’s fine but beware if there are no specifics. Anyone can issue general ideas or proclamations knowing that those can be interpreted in any number of ways. With a general reading, something in it will fit your life and those who truly trust the psychic will believe it to be legitimate when it’s not a true reading.

  • Watch if they start asking you questions

Some psychics are adept at techniques that get information out of you so they can give you a so-called reading that seems accurate. This is a type of con game that includes reading your body language, starting with a general reading, and then asking you questions to get more info out of you and judge if they are saying the correct things.

They may ask you if you met someone recently if you met them at work if they have brown hair and similar questions. They shouldn’t be asking questions but answering your questions.

  • Beware if they tell you their love history during the session

The focus should be on you and not them. Also, those who dwell on their past will likely project their emotions into your reading.

  • Watch for fearmongers

Perpetuating fear is a common technique among scammers. They will tell you that you must buy something or do something to bring about a positive change. This is a way to separate you from your money.

Some will stop short of telling you what to watch out for to make you buy another session or more minutes if you contact a psychic online or by phone. They know the fear in you makes you want to pay more to know. These are scams.

  • Pay attention to what resonates

You have a spirit within you that tells you what’s true and what isn’t. A true psychic will say things that resonate with you and lets you know it’s true. Those who aren’t real, who are doing cold body language readings, or projecting will strike a tone with you that it’s false.

When consulting a psychic, it’s important to be open but not naive. Look at what they say objectively and with discernment. Most psychics will give you some good advice on how to improve your life even without telling you exactly when you will meet the perfect match. Learn to separate good advice from the psychic reading so you always get a benefit without thinking it’s all from a spiritual source. Some of it is common sense.

The Take Away

You should understand two things about psychic readings. First, the events they could list to happen in your life may not occur right away. Sometimes, the truth comes over time. Roll with it and live your life with joy without always looking for the event. Events, like meeting the right person, tend to happen when you aren’t looking for them.

Second, realize that what a psychic says isn’t sealed in fate. We do have free will and are in control of our future. Some of what they say could be markers indicating you need to change your life for more happiness. Those who don’t like their reading should use their energy to make changes to reinvent their lives and mold them into the type of future they want.

Don’t shop psychics. Going to two to see if they say the same thing is like getting a second opinion but shopping psychics can end up confusing you and put you into a tailspin. Find one you can trust and stick with that one.

Getting Rid of Generational Fear

Getting Rid of Generational Fear

People that are intimate relationships often struggle with different kinds of issues. They can feel confused and upset and they wonder how they can love someone that they barely feel like they know. They don’t understand why intimacy is such a big deal and why it is so hard. From the beginning they were intimate but now it seems like it is a constant struggle.

There is no easy reason and no easy answer and depending on the situation, you might have to look at your whole relationship again.

Family Toxicity and Dysfunction

It is hard to talk about this sometimes, but families have a lot to do with how we build the relationships around us. If you have a family that is toxic and dysfunctional then chances are this is who you become.

What Does it Mean to Be Dysfunctional?

There are some things that you might have experienced in your family:

  • They don’t tell each other they love them.
  • They never see their parents show intimacy such as hugging or kissing.
  • Important moments like birthdays are ignored.
  • Children in the family are told to be quiet and not to say what they feel.

If you have seen any of these things as normal when you were grown up, then chances are you have lived in a dysfunctional home. It might not be until you go to school that you realize that your family isn’t quiet normal. This might be when you sleepover somewhere in a family that has a loving home or if you go to a gathering outside of your home. It is in these times that you begin to see how different your family is from other family dynamics.

Maybe at a sleepover you saw your friend celebrated or you saw the parents hug and kiss each other often. This can be different from what you saw in your own home, and it might make you wonder why your family isn’t happy like other families.

Healthy Families and Dysfunctional Families

Healthy families have parental figures that are there to help their child. They ask questions and they allow their children to ask questions. They want their child to be happy and to know things and so they encourage them to be thoughtful and to say their true feelings. They empathize when their child is sad or feeling down.

These families will put their children at top and the child will feel loved, believed in, appreciated, heard, and cared for. They know that being a parent is hard and so they want their child to grow up to be self-sufficient and strong. They will guide their child to become better no matter what they are going through.

They want their children to be strong and to be healthy and so they will validate their feelings and respect what they say. They support them and understand them, and they allow their child to confide in them with their needs.

Dysfunctional Families

Dysfunctional families are different. They don’t encourage there to be expression and they don’t want their child to have conversations that are meaningful with them. They reject emotional support and intimacy, and they don’t show affection to each other or to their children. If the child does something wrong, they are a disappointment.

The father might be someone that won’t spend time with you, and he expects you to understand that because he is out working to bring money to the family. He wants you to be thankful for everything that he does for you and if you say otherwise then you are the problem.

These kinds of families will get angry if there is a sensitive person and they accuse them of being overly emotional and react with anger. They take this person, and they tell them that they are just ungrateful and unsatisfied and that they cause all the problems in the family.

If you are the sensitive one, they will make you feel that you are the problem, and they will resent you for trying to make them talk to you or to make you force them to care. They are toxic and they don’t want you to talk about it. This may make you feel unsafe and make you feel that you don’t fit into your family.

Knowing a Family Dysfunction

Most people don’t like to admit that they are in a dysfunctional family. They avoid lessons and build up defense mechanisms so that they can don’t have to deal with the trauma that they experienced as a child. They grow up and they feel that they were never loved and then they have a hard time forming relationships with other people.

The people that have a hard time being complimented and those that are often feeling humiliated probably came from these kinds of families. You might feel that it is easier to complement others than to receive them or you might feel that being celebrated makes you cringe.

These people have an inner child that is constantly telling them that they aren’t special or important and that they think they are better than others. This stops them from being able to be loved by others. Since the family made them feel that they were hated and that they were unreasonable and overly sensitive, it might cause them to resent those that are self-confident and strong.

People that aren’t living their real life are often tortured by thinking things like:

  • If you knew who I was you wouldn’t like me.
  • I’m not really who you think I am.

They will avoid being close to others because they don’t want to have emotional intimacy and expose their sensitivity because they are afraid that people will put them down for this. They want to be around others that won’t ask questions because they have a wall up to protect themselves from more rejection that they might get.

But, as these people become adults, they realize that they have nothing to keep them safe and that finding healthy love is something that might be able to happen if they are able to receive it. Everyone has the chance to hurt others and you can choose to have emotional distance so that you never get hurt or you can open up.

Control Issues

Children that were in homes where they weren’t allowed to say how they feel often make their own decisions and are shamed if they share what they are thinking. These are children that grow up to be adults that want to control everything. They want to control how people look at them, they want to control how they look, they want to control their relationships, they want to control what makes them have feelings and they want to make sure that they are not put in a position where they will be insecure or vulnerable.

These are people that are often emotionally unavailable because they don’t want to feel the loss of someone that they love if that person decides to turn on them later. They want love and they want to enjoy others, but they don’t like the risks.

Some people will take the risks in order to feel that they belong or to have love, but others will avoid these risks no matter what. They will live in survival mode and not in love and even the threat of loving someone makes them worried and scared. They will never give up their control even if it means that they lose the person that they love.

Breaking Generational Cycles

It might be hard to know and understand toxic traits that you were taught in your family but recognizing these things is the first step in changing. You have to be able to understand what your defense mechanisms are and what you have done in regards to this growing up.

You have to relearn how to live your life in ways that builds you up and doesn’t cause you to have fear. You have to get rid of the fear and stop being defensive over everything. This will take therapy and other kinds of help to help you get past this. You need to be around people that are good for you and those that want to see you succeed and to be happy.

Understanding love and learning to love yourself can be hard but this will cause you to have changes in who you are and in your relationships. It will also change how you see the world. You need to understand that not everyone in your life is your enemy and not everyone will take your vulnerabilities and turn them against you. These are people that can give you compassion and love and help you to express your emotions and to know you are loved.

Here are some things that can happen once you start getting to this place:

  • You can accept a compliment that someone gives you.
  • You know that you deserve to be complimented and you are happy with this.
  • You can understand who you really are.
  • You accept that you are worthy of love.
  • You let your experiences increase the quality of your life.

You also have to learn to get rid of the cycle of dysfunction in your life. If you are a parent, a friend, a relative, a spouse or whoever you are, you can build your family around a loving home that is kind, supportive, celebratory, and happy.  Don’t ever give up on this.

Using Mantras to Manifest Goals

Using Mantras to Manifest Goals

Mantras are positive things that can be said to help you manifest tings into your life. You can use mantras to reach both your goals and your dreams. Here are some things mantras can do for you:

  • Helps with anxiety.
  • Calms you.
  • Give you self-compassion.
  • Increases positivity.
  • Helps you to be more self-aware.

Law of Attraction

Mantras can also be used with the Law of Attraction to help bring positivity and help you to reach your goals. The universe uses the Law of Attraction to say whatever you put into the universe; the universe will give back to you.


A mantra is a sound or a word that can be used while you meditate in order to give you more power. The sound and the word can be repeated over and over again as you focus on what is going on in your body.

But the word mantra has changed some and it can include statements to build you up. It can help you to be more confident and help you to be stronger. A mantra is a word that has changed and has gotten stronger, but the purpose of the word is still to help you have peace and power.

Mantras for manifestation are positive and they can help you on your journey. The Law of Attraction tells you that using mantras can help to improve your focus and help you to reach your goals.

It has been shown that physiology and psychology shows that mantras can help people and can help to get rid of things such as anger, stress, anxiety, depression, and emotions that don’t serve you well. They can help to improve your mood and help your mind to be stronger.

Mantras are normally said out loud and can be said while meditating or looking in a mirror. If you don’t like to say things out loud or you feel embarrassed, you can write them in your journal and say them in your mind.

Using manifestation mantras are about being intentional and as you read and speak to them, they will help you to become stronger in who you are. These aren’t wishes or beliefs, but they are a way to change your mindset.

Using Mantras for Love

You can use mantras to find love, and this happens because you get rid of negativity, which opens you up easier for love. Even if you don’t use manifestation, using mantras can help you to attract love. Getting rid of fear and negativity can help you to have more love and the universe is all about that.

When you want to find love, try these manifestation mantras:

  • I am releasing my energy that is not good for me out of my life.
  • I let my ex go so I can find new love.
  • I will sese love everywhere.
  • I deserve unconditional love.
  • I give and get love.
  • I am good enough.
  • I let go of things that are blocking me.
  • My world is full of love.
  • The world is giving me love.
  • My heart will see new love.
  • I will know love.

Using Mantras for Success

Manifestation mantras can help you to have success in your life. You can use them before an interview so that you can be successful.

When you want to find success, try these manifestation mantras:

  • I embrace success.
  • I am creative and open to new things.
  • I create a life that I want.
  • I deserve to be successful.
  • I am connected to my inner being.
  • I am attracted to new opportunities.
  • I can reach my goals.
  • I have success at every corner.
  • I am positive and have fulfilling relationships.
  • I see my success as necessary.
  • I am thankful for the things I have.

Using Mantras for Money

Money can be both good and bad. It gives us freedom and helps us to be secure but when we don’t have enough money it can be stressful and scary. If you have ever been in poverty, you know that it can be hard to stay positive. But, by being positive, you can get your money flowing the right way.

When you want to draw money to use, try these manifestation mantras:

  • I am thankful for the things I have and the things that are coming to me.
  • I will grow and prosper.
  • I let go of things that stop me from having money.
  • Money comes to me easily.
  • I am able to be comfortable with my money.
  • I can manage my money well.
  • I attract money.
  • I let go of money blockages.
  • I have financial freedom.
  • I am wealthy.
  • I have a lot of things in my mind, body, and soul.

Using Manifestation Mantras

You can have all the things that you need in your life, but you have to learn to be intentional. You need to make sure that you are thankful for what you have and what you are going to get. You need to remember that you deserve to have good things in your life.

Speak these things in your mind or out loud and make sure that you write down in your mantra journal. Speaking the mantras with positive intentions can help you to get what you want.

What Does a Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are graceful and beautiful insects. If you decide to get a butterfly tattoo, this can have a meaning in Western culture. Butterfly tattoos will look different depending on who gets them from different colors to the different style that you choose. There are different looking butterflies including tribal or regular styles. Some of the tattoos will look lifelike while others will be more abstract.

Some people will choose to get one butterfly while others will want to have multiple tattoos of butterflies. These can be put with a nature background, or they can just be whimsical tattoos. Butterfly tattoos can also be masculine if they are put with skulls or other manly things.

What Does a Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

The butterfly tattoo is normally looked at as a feminine tattoo and it can mean to be reborn or to have freedom. Since the butterfly comes from a caterpillar, it goes from something that people see as ugly to something that becomes beautiful. This change is called meta morphosis.

Different cultures have different meanings for butterflies. Some mean love while others can mean resurrection. Some cultures have different meanings for butterflies and not all butterflies mean the same thing.

Where to Get a Butterfly Tattoo

The place where you get your butterfly tattoo can change the meaning of it. Some will get it on their back or their ankle while others will have tattoos on their chests or their thighs.

When You Want a Butterfly Tattoo

If you want a butterfly tattoo, this can mean that you want to show people that you are free. It can also mean that you have a strong feminine energy or that you are a free spirit. If you have been through some kind of major life change, a butterfly tattoo can show that you appreciate the changes and the growth that you have accomplished.

What Does Their Butterfly Tattoo Mean to You?

Have you noticed that someone around you has a butterfly tattoo? This can be a sign for you. It can mean that the person is there to show you what change looks like or it can show you that the person is friendly or kind. Maybe you are starting to see butterflies everywhere and if so, this can mean that the butterfly is your spirit animal.

How Does Smudging Help?


Smudging has many benefits. Smudging is an ancient practice that has to do with burning herbs and getting rid of negative energies around you. This is something that originated with the Native Americans, and it has been practiced by many different cultural groups.

Many people around the world will use smudging as a ritual to cleanse their areas of negative energies and keep their overall wellbeing strong.

Purifying Your Area

One of the best things about burning sage is that it has antimicrobial properties which means that it will keep away fungi and can get rid of viruses and bacteria. Using white sage is useful because it is an antimicrobial and antibacterial ingredient. This means it can also get rid of insects, pathogens, and impurities.

Relieving Symptoms

Sage can relieve you of different symptoms and allergens such as:

• Dander.
• Pollen.
• Mold.
• Dust.
• Asthma.
• Bronchitis.
• Allergies.

Burning sage has many things that it can do, and the smoke will clear the air for you.

Spiritual Uses

Sage is also used to be burned for spiritual purposes. Some will use it to get rid of negative energies in your home or in your workplace. This can be used with white sage or with salvia sage.

Getting Rid of Negative Energies

Smudging is seen as a powerful tool to get rid of negative energy. If you have trauma or you have had bad energy in your home, meditate while you burn your sage and you will see that it can bring peace into your home.

Cleansing Properties

Burning sage can benefit you by making certain spaces and things cleansed. You can use it when you get a new gift or when you buy items that have belonged to someone else. You can get rid of things that have negative energy attached to them.

Improving Moods

Burning sage can be used to improve the mood of the home. If you have depression or stress, burning sage can help. It also helps with mental health disorders.

Getting Rid of Stress

Smudging can also help to get rid of stress and to bring calmness to you. It changes and activates certain receptors in the brain that increase feelings of goodness and can get rid of pain.

Sleep Help

Smudging can also help you to sleep better. Using sage like garden sage can help to sooth stress and get rid of anxiety.

Boosting Memory

You can use sage to boost your memory and it can also help with Alzheimer’s disease, according to some research.

It Smells Good

Not only does burning sage have benefits, but it also smells good and can be a fresh aroma in your home.

How to Burn Sage

Here is what you need to burn sage in your home:

  • Bundle of sage.
  • Bowl with clay or glass to capture ash.
  • Matches or lighter.
  • Candle.
  • Fan for fanning smoke.

Kinds of sage to use:

  • White sage.
  • Salvia sage.
  • White prairie sage.
  • Artemisia sage.

Preparing for Smudging

Before you burn the sage, you need to make sure that your area is cleared out. Clean the area and make sure that you have the windows and doors open to let the smoke out.

Cleansing Your Objects and Area

Here is how to cleanse objects and your area:

  • Light the bundle of sage.
  • Let it burn until it is really smoked.
  • Allow the smoke to fill the room.
  • Collect the ash in the bowl.

When you want to cleanse your home, you need to take the smoke around your area. Make sure that you get into all of the closets, behind closed doors and in the corners.

Cleansing Objects

You can put the smoke over an object that you want to cleanse to get rid of negative energies. This can be a sacred thing that you do.


Burning sage can cleanse your mood and can help to fill the area with a good scent.

After Cleansing

After you are done cleansing your objects and your area, make sure that the fire is completely out. Dab the end of it in the clay bowl to put it out. Don’t put this in water or you won’t be able to use it again.

Risks of Smudging?

Burning sage should not have any risks as long as you are doing it right. Never leave the burning sage by itself and make sure that you get it put out completely when you are done.  If you have health conditions like asthma, talk to your doctor before you do smudge.

Final Thoughts

Burning sage and smudging can have many benefits. There are health benefits of burning sage and it can be great for your inside and outside person. Even though there isn’t a lot of research on smudging, it is thought to help cleanse you from negativity and get rid of things that are dangerous like microbials and it can help you to sleep better and to have less stress.

Some people will use burning sage as a religious practice, but you don’t have to add any kind of religious beliefs to it in order to still get the benefits of it.